One of the flagships of the BMI product range, SponsorTrack has been at the forefront of providing sponsors with powerful strategic insights into the performances of their sponsorships. Combining MediaTrack, SAM and SponsorValue, into a continuous tracking process that carries on right through the year, and with full comparisons to other sponsors of the same sports and in the same industries, sponsors know the exact status and performances of each of their sponsorships, and can make critical decisions and strategic shifts at any time during the season.

Copied by various other research companies, but perfected only by BMI so far, this product combines with the SportTrack reports to complete the registered Sponsorship Cascade Process for our clients, measuring the actual impact of the sponsorship down to the number of consumers influenced.



Media Track

MediaTrack provides a digitally accurate and most comprehensive analysis of the media exposure generated all sponsorships taking place in South Africa, inclusive of TV, Print and Radio. Intelligent analyses allow for exposure to be matched to the sponsor's target market and clearly identify strengths and weaknesses and provide clear inputs to media strategies. Yardsticks or norms are provided against which sponsorship managers can set targets to ensure that they will achieve the best possible media exposure from their sponsorships.

They can also compare their sponsorships with those of competitors. A bi-monthly report provides a comprehensive evaluation and analyses of the media exposure generated by each sponsorship property and within each media classification. MediaTrack is done through the very latest and world leading digital tracking technologies available to the industry, to ensure accuracy and to take manual error out of the equation.

Sponsor Awareness Measure

Measuring the association of your company or brand with the sport, team, event or program that is sponsored, remains one of the most essential elements of a holistic sponsorship evaluation program. The brand can only impact on those consumers that know about the sponsorship! Introduced in 1992, this measurement and evaluation tool measures and monitors the spontaneous and prompted association levels achieved between a sponsor and their sponsored properties monthly. Full comparisons with other sponsors of the same sports provide clear norms against which each sponsor can measure their performance.


Digi Track

This product evaluates the qualitative impact of the sponsorship on those people of the target audience that are aware of the sponsorship. This is done in terms of shifts in attitudes, brand image changes, impact on brand attributes, increased loyalty, propensity to purchase, and overall achievement of objectives. Each project is specifically designed to evaluate your individual sponsorships against key qualitative factors of importance to you, the client.

Event Track

The evaluation of the qualitative impact of the Sponsorship Event on the target audience, in terms of attitude, image changes, impact on brand attributes, achievement of objectivities, field research is conducted amongst spectators at events, evaluating sponsorship impact (200 interviews at the event)