This product was specifically designed to assist companies in the decision-making process. Which sponsorships are the best for them to sponsor? The process will guide them through the myriad of opportunities that are available to those that fit their target marker best, and that will provide them with the best possible return and impact. It also assists those companies that have over the years added too many properties to their sponsorship portfolio, and now need to re-focus. Through this product, we can assess the potential return and whether the sponsor will be receiving the correct rights to fully exploit and protect his sponsorship property (Negotiation process). We also do post audits to assess if rights as promised contractually were delivered upon, and to further determine which rights worked best. This assists sponsors greatly in the re-negotiation process.

It is also essential from both the rights holder's and sponsor's point of view, to have an independent assessment of the value of a sponsorship property and the appropriate price to pay for the rights. Pre-Value TM 1999 was specifically developed to provide an independent and established valuation service for both sponsors and rights holders, to be used as a benchmark towards establishing a fair market value and thereby simplifying the negotiation process. Employing a proven, street-tested methodology, the BMI valuation uses real-world standards and measures and removes the guesswork from pricing, changing the process from a belief to a science.