After the initial decision has been taken to use sponsorship as a marketing tool, it is vital to ensure that the most appropriate sponsorship is selected. It is also essential from both the rights holder's and sponsor’s point of view, to have an independent assessment of the value of a sponsorship property. BMi Pre-Value™ was specifically developed to provide an independent and established valuation service for both sponsors and rights holders, to be used as a benchmark towards establishing a fair market value and thereby simplifying the negotiation or re-negotiation (renewal) process. Employing a proven, street-tested methodology, the BMI valuation uses real-world standards and measures and removes the guesswork from pricing, changing the process from a belief to a science. The BMi Pre-Value™ – which includes the analysis of tangibles, intangibles and cost/benefit ratios – has been adopted by sponsors, rights holders / federations and sponsorship agencies universally throughout South Africa and abroad.